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The goal of the 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge is to help rally co-workers and friends around a common cause - adding healthy choices to your daily life. Changing eating habits and being active can make a big difference in losing weight or staying at a healthy weight. Adults living in southcentral Pennsylvania are encouraged to participate, either as an individual or in a team. Teams may be formed by community organizations, employers, faith-based groups, families, neighborhoods, and other entities. Registration begins on the 10 Pound Throwdown website in early February 1st 2017, but individuals cannot start the Challenge until it officially begins on Monday, March 13th, 2017 at noon.

What are the features of the 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge?

Participation in the Challenge requires individuals to register on the 10 Pound Throwdown website - Participants will have access to weekly healthy living tips, tracking tools (see below), progress charts, and a list of local community resources. Each week, there will be two "mini-challenges" where participants can earn a badge for reaching their goals. Participants can earn one physical activity and one healthy eating badge (a total of two badges) each week. Employer groups will find the Employer Toolkit useful in forming teams for the Challenge. Team captains will also have access to a variety of tips and tools for keeping team members engaged throughout the 10 week Challenge.

Participants are encouraged to visit these tracking tools each week:

  • Badge Tracker - take the weekly mini-challenges and collect online badges each week. Two badges are available each week- one that provides a goal for healthy eating and one that provides a goal for physical activity.
  • Weight tracker - log your weight each week and monitor your progress for the entire 10-week Challenge. Track the progress of your team and/or employer, if participating.

How can I win prizes?

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Weekly mini-challenge Prizes- Those participants who earn the healthy eating AND physical activity badge goal will be eligible for a weekly raffle drawing.
  • Grand Prize Raffle- A total of 6 participants will receive grand prizes from a raffle at the end of the Challenge. Eligibility for the raffle depends on participation- you must enter your weight or your badge tracker information for 7 or more weeks.
  • Team Prizes- members of the team with the greatest percentage (%) weight loss at the end of the 10 Pound Throwdown will receive medals.
  • Traveling Trophy/ Bragging Rights- the employer group/ organization with the greatest percentage (%) weight loss will be recognized with a "traveling" trophy.

To learn more, check out the Prizes page.

What's your goal?

Challenge participants are encouraged to set personal goals to improve eating habits, be more active and/or lose weight. It's important to set a healthy weight goal for yourself. During the 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge, plan to lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds per week. For advice on a healthy weight, talk to your doctor or a dietician, or use the BMI calculator at

After registering, take time to review the tips in the "Getting Started" section.


The official dates for the 2018 10 Pound Throwdown have not yet been decided. Typically, registration begins on the 10 Pound Throwdown website in early February and the Challenge officially begins mid-March. Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2018 launch dates.

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