Create a Team

Are you thinking about joining the 10 Pound Throwdown with a team?

We suggest you do! Having social support is a key ingredient to making successful changes in eating and physical activity habits. Teams can be formed by anyone including co-workers/employers, community organizations, family/friends or members of a church/house of worship. You can invite as many people as you would like to join a team, but we ask that you have at least 3 teammates, please.

Forming a team requires a team captain. The team captain will register the team with a team name and give potential teammates directions for joining the team. Tracking tools found on the website will show your team's progress in losing weight throughout the Challenge. We hope team captains will also use the tips and resources in the "Captain's Corner" section to provide their fellow teammates with additional information and encouragement.

How to create a team

Step 1: Register Yourself!

Please note: A MyWellSpan account is required to participate. If you do not already have a MyWellSpan account, you will need to create one before registering. If you do not have a MyWellSpan account, create one now. After you create an account, return to and click "Register Now."

  • Visit and click "Register Now."
  • If you already have a MyWellSpan account, you will be prompted to log in to that account. If you do not have a MyWellSpan account, create one now. After you create an account, return to and click "Register Now."
  • After you create an account, go to and click on "Register Now."
  • After you log in, you will be directed to a 10 Pound Throwdown registration page. Enter the required information and click "Next."
  • We are interested in learning a little more about you and your interest in the program, so please complete the brief survey and click "Next."
  • At the completion of registration, you can click on "Create a Team."

Step 2: Create a Team

  • You will have the option to create a team at the end of the registration process. Click on "Create a Team." Complete the form to create a team.
  • If you did not create a team when you registered in the 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge, return to and log in. Under the "Teams" tab at the top of the website, choose the "Create a Team" section from the dropdown list. Complete the form to create a team.
  • You will receive a confirmation email approving the team name and assigning a team code. This is NOT an automatic email response and could take up to 48 hours. The confirmation email will include the team code and instructions to share with teammates.

Step 3: Invite Teammates

  • Invite teammates to register at
  • Send your team confirmation email to all potential teammates so they can follow the instructions when they enroll.
  • Your teammates will need your team code during enrollment.
  • The Team Captain, can see who has joined their team at any time by logging in at, click on "Teams" and select "Team Members" from the top menu.

Please Note:

Participants can join your team any time throughout the Challenge by adding the team code to their personal tracking page. Participants can only be members of one team.