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The 6th Annual 10 Pound Throwdown has started!

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Week 2: Scale Back Your Portions

Weekly Badge Challenge: Reduce your portion sizes at 7 meals this week.

Did you know...
  • Average restaurant portion sizes have doubled or tripled in size over the past 20+ years - and so has the amount of calories in the meals!
  • Large portions are not exclusive to restaurants. Many popular foods and drinks we buy from the grocery store are now made in sizes up to five times bigger than when they were introduced.
  • Twenty years ago, an average bagel was 3 inches in diameter. Today, bagels have grown to about 6 inches in diameter. Similarly, the average burger patty has nearly doubled in size, from 4.5 ounces to 8 ounces.

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The Challenge runs March 12th - May 21st

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