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Employer Toolkit

Your company is invited to participate in the 10 Pound Throwdown!

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Enter one team or multiple teams in the Challenge. This toolkit is designed to assist you in a successful wellness campaign. If you would like to use this Challenge to help you manage your own company's wellness challenge, you will have access to the following by utilizing the web-based tools:

  • A list of team participants
  • Which team achieved the highest percentage of weight loss
  • A list of team participants who earned weekly badges

A new feature this year is the opportunity for participants to earn two weekly mini-challenges badges.

We have learned that participants enjoy small, weekly goals that are attainable and represent the small steps toward big changes. Each week, participants will have the opportunity to earn two "badges" by completing activities designed to help them improve their overall wellness. There are unique healthy eating and physical activity goals each week.

The 10-week Challenge encourages participants to:

  • Record their weight each week using an online tracking tool by 11:59am each Monday.
    • Please note: participants will see their personal weight only and team weight loss will be displayed as a percentage of weight lost for the entire team.
  • Record progress on weekly mini-challenges and activity each week using online tracking tools.
  • Check the website for weekly goal setting and wellness tips.

Toolkit Resources:

  • How you can participate
  • How to register as one company team
  • How to register multiple teams within your company
  • Ideas for engaging employees in the challenge
  • Sample email invitation

Use flyers to advertise the Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can my employees participate?

Anyone can participate and we hope your employees will join! Note: Everyone who participates must create a MyWellSpan account if they don't have one already. To create an account, follow the prompts on the main page.

How will I know which of my employees are participating?

We will provide you with a list of participating employees at the completion of the Challenge (if requested). We will not provide you with any of your employee's personal information, including weight. To request the list of participating employees, please contact Kay Deffinbaugh at

How do I enroll my employees?

You do not need to enroll your employees- they will just need to visit and register themselves. If you would like to create a team, click here for more information.

What information will you provide to me about my employees?

The only information that we are able to provide is a list of participants from your company. If you create a team, you can see who joins your team by checking out the "Team Members" page under the "Teams" tab. We hope you will encourage your employees to participate!

When I registered, my company wasn’t listed. How can I add my company to the list?

If you didn't see your company listed during registration, you can contact us at and let us know to add your company, or you can create a team and add your company name during the team creation process.

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