Who We Are

Our History

The 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge started in 2013 in order to address issues related to overweight and obesity in our region. More than 75% of our community is overweight or obese. Most of us do not engage in regular exercise and do not eat the amount of fruits and vegetables needed to have a balanced, healthy diet. We, at WellSpan Health, care about the health of our communities and want the 10 Pound Throwdown to be a fun, creative way to focus on your health goals while also engaging friends, neighbors and co-workers in a friendly "competition."

We understand that you are busy and may lack the time to focus on their health- for many, eating healthy and being physically active doesn’t seem achievable. Beginning in 2013, and still today, we aim to emphasize small, reasonable changes that will have big impacts on your health. We aren't asking you to run a marathon (though we think it’s great if that’s your goal and you do), but rather, we are asking you to do what you can to make small changes.

The program is coordinated by the Community Health department at WellSpan Health with assistance and expertise from the very talented Innovations and Public Relations & Marketing departments at WellSpan.

The first 10 Pound Throwdown Challenge was offered in February 2013 and featured weekly themes related to healthy eating and physical activity as well as a weight tracker. In its first year, over 1,600 participants lost approximately 5,836 pounds. Now in its eighth year, the 10 Pound Throwdown continues to grow year after year. We have expanded our reach and promotion efforts and continue to seek interactive ways to keep participants excited about the Challenge. Annually we engage over 6,000 participants to make small steps toward big changes in their health.

This is more than a weight loss challenge and even if you don’t need to lose weight, we believe this Challenge could help you. We hope this site guides you in making healthy changes or maintaining healthy behaviors- we want you to reach your goals! Remember, small steps lead to big changes.

Additional Resources

To learn more about what WellSpan Health is doing to address adult overweight and obesity, or to hear about our response to the Community Health Needs Assessment, please visit the WellSpan in the Community page.